FUJITAYA opened in Summer 2014 and designed by owner and world-traveler, Masamitsu Fujita, based on the concept of "Feel Japan".
At FUJITAYA we hold "Takoyaki" and "Temakisushi" parties, have a calligraphy and Japanese confectionery school, and offer other events that enable you to feel the Japanese culture. Guests from all over the world enjoy participating in these events and our staff enjoys throwing these events. We look forward to your stay with us.

About us

Feel Japan inc. was established in November 2013. We provide services for tourists visiting Japan.
"FUJITAYA Kyoto" opened in August 2014 and "Bed & Bike FUJITAYA Kyoto" is scheduled to open in Spring 2017.
Our aim is to provide people with tours which enable them to feel the Japanese culture and to spread the attraction of Japan more and more.
Feel Japan inc.
November 20, 2013
Masamitsu Fujita
22-5, Chudoji Yabunouchi-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi
Our business
  • Direct management of accommodations for "FUJITAYA Kyoto" and "Bed & Bike FUJITAYA Kyoto"
  • Tour planning


Masamitsu Fujita CEO, Feel Japan Inc.


Born in 1977 in Osaka, Masamitsu Fujita graduated from Kobe University. He joined in AIESEC while attending Kobe University where he traveled to 25 countries around the world through the tours held by organization. Masamitsu Fujita took part in a business contest held by RECRUIT Inc. in 2001 with the idea of "camping tours for tourists from foreign countries in Japan!" and took second place in the contest after which he decided to start the new business. Masamitsu Fujita joined the business planning division of DENSO Inc. in 2002 where he was engaged in the "World Best Production" for 4 years. He then traveled around the world for one year and joined "The Ship for World Youth Leaders" held by the Cabinet Office of Japan in 2006. In 2007, Masamitsu Fujita entered the accounting department of SHIMADZU Inc. where he worked in Hong Kong and promoted the business in China as the head of accounting and financial department for three years. In 2013, he established FEEL JAPAN Inc. In August 2014, Masamitsu Fujita opened the "FUJITAYA Kyoto" guest house, which designed himself. He won first place in the TripAdvisor accommodation category after just one year. In 2015, he won the Certificate of Excellence prize and an award from BOOK.com Inc in 2015. Masamitsu Fujita's next endeavor is to spread the attraction of Japan by proposing the bike tour through "Bed&Bike Fujitaya Kyoto." Masamitsu Fujita offers lectures about the traveling around the world and entrepreneurship at Kyoto University, Kansai University, and other venues, and promotes the inbound business in Japan in various ways. Masamitsu Fujita has been to 40 countries and has spent 600 days in countries around the world. He takes part in the triathlon competitions around the world and advertises his business enthusiastically.

Media Publicity

香港now TV(2015年1月)


Printed the article “The Tourism nation Forum in Kobe in 2016” in Nicchu newspaper on February 25, 2016


Broadcast April 28, 2016
FUJITAYA appeared in the TV program,”めざせ甲子園!つかたこレインボーロード”


Broadcast April 28, 2016
FUJITAYA appeared in the TV program, “所さんのニッポンの出番”


Printed article about FUJITAYA in Kyoto newspaper on September 12, 2016

AD WALK Blog(2015年9月)

Printed article about the FUJITAYA in AD WALK on December 14, 2015

アントレ(2016年12月発売 2017冬号)


観光立国フォーラムIn 神戸 2016(2016年2月19日)

Masamitsu Fujita took part in the committee for developing the teaching materials for “The inbound core business of human resource preparing for the age of more than four thousands foreign tourist visiting Japan” from Kobe Yamanote University.
He provided the fieldworks and lectures.


インバウンドマーケティングカレッジ in 大阪(2016年11月9日)

「インバウンドビジネス最前線~外国人旅行者がもたらすビジネスチャンス~」 (2016年12月6日)