22-5, Chudoji Yabunouchicho, Shimogyo-ku Kyoto-shi, 600-8803, Japan

“Go here if you enjoy an informal atmosphere”
“Refreshing and stylish Japanese house”
“Lovely stay”

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FUJITAYA opened in Summer 2014 and designed by owner and world-traveler, Masamitsu Fujita, based on the concept of "Feel Japan".

FUJITAYA is located in the center of the historical city of Kyoto and just one stop from Kyoto Station. At FUJITAYA we hold "Takoyaki" and "Temakisushi" parties, have a calligraphy and Japanese confectionery school, and offer other events that enable you to feel the Japanese culture. Guests from all over the world enjoy participating in these events and our staff enjoys throwing these events. We look forward to your stay with us.